Schermuly Line Thrower (SPRA) S/N 1540


Schermurly 1″ SPRA – (Schermurly Pistol Rocket Apparatus) line throwing pistol, based on the brass Webley & Scott flare pistol  with a steel barrel extension and handle to steady when firing.

The system was invented by Alfred James Schermuly around 1920 and is credited with having saved countless lives, the rocket that would propel a wire over distance, the wire could be attached to a cable to help transfer people from ship to ship or shore to ship.

In very good condition,  1″ calibre with 18.75″ barrel with opening breech and working action.

Please note that this item does not fall within Eu/Uk regulations due to calibre and comes with correct blue UK de-act certificate.

Price includes UK and N.I. postage, cannot post overseas