Wurfgranate 16 (Flying Pigeon) #1


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Wurfgranate 16 (1916 Pattern) (flying Pigeon) grenade, in very good condition recovered from Belguim and cleaned and repainted. Completely free from explosive.

The projectile was fired from the Granatenwerfer M16, spigot type mortar. The grenade itself has a thick fragmentation body, and a stabilizing fin that has four sides.

The grenade weighed about 2 kilos and could go about 450 meters. The mortars were usually positioned in groups of four and spaced about 15-20 meters apart to prevent direct hits from destroying all of them at once. A good crew could fire about 250-300 grenades an hour. A side note, these grenades were nicknamed Pigeons by the French as the made a warbling sound as the came down.