German 87mm Howitzer & Cassion dated 1895


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This is a very rare 87mm breech loading Howitzer by Eberhardt. Believed made for German Army trials but rejected as the Army decided to standardise on 75mm which rendered the earlier 87mm calibre obsolete.

In the early 1900’s, 500 artillery pieces of artillery were gifted by Germany to the Ottoman Empire . After WW1 when Britain occupied Turkey and commenced Military aid it resulted in many of the artillery pieces being repurposed. It is believed Britain sent the obsolete 87mm Howitzers to Colonial India and then later to Nepal, before which they were “sanitised” by having all markings removed so that they had to be purchased from Britain, rather than the original manufacturer.

The howitzers were purchased from the Royal Nepalese Armoury and in 2003 exported to USA, and as far as we are aware only two examples subsequently came to UK. The other example was known to us and resides in a private collection, and this example is in excellent display condition, with an excellent bore.

Weight is approx. 2 tons, please note that the breech was removed for pictures but is still present.

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